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This festival is about the journey to the collective roots of the music, which one can find rather in expression than in notes, rather in ones attitude and approach towards the music. It's intended to create a space for music-making without boundaries (or containment), where every wish can unfold and shape as desired to find its proper place. It will be as well a musical prayer for hope and reliance and commemorate the shattering results of the big Japanese quake.

Inspired by the unequalled atmosphere of the Kirsten Kjaer’s Museum and the wonderful surrounding landscape, the participants will play music from Isang Yun, Schubert, Rossini, Bruckner, Felder, Alberga, Piazolla, a.o., including Romanian Traditional Music and Japanese Traditional Music (arranged for Recorder and electronics – as transitions and sometimes starting points for the written pieces) and Free Improvisation. Poems from Arsenji Tarkowskij will be a part of the concerts as well. The third edition will close with yet another Cauldron of Zoran, a cooking-concert with all sorts of musical and digestible ingredients.

Inkeri Vänskä, violin – FI/DK
Isabel Neligan, violin – F/CH
Øssur Bæk, violin – DK
Vesselin Demirev, violin - BG/DK
Judith Blauw, oboe – NL/DK
Bernadette Zeilinger, recorder – A/CH
Johannes Gürth, viola and composition (with world premiere of his latest piece) - A/CH
Marius Ungureanu, viola – artistic leader of the festival – RO/DK
Eleanor Alberga, piano and composition – GB
Verona Maier, piano – RO
Vincent Stadlmair, cello – D/DK
Frank Sanderell, double bass – D/CH
Lorenz Schuster, electronics – D/CH
Meile Sposmanyte, speaker – LT/DK
George Schmidl, rap performance – USA/DK
Monique Popescu, scenography – RO/DK
Zoran Luka, acting and cooking – MNE/DK

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